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We can reduce your IT costs, ask about our managed services

Discover the power that peace of mind can bring. Call SBS Tech Solutions today! 631-848-2564 or 631-921-7339

Remote Monitoring

At SBS Tech Solutions, we know how critical each device in your organization is, and that it needs to be running for your business to run. We will monitor the availability of your critical devices and services. At the first sign of trouble, we will immediately inform you of the issue and begin to resolve the issue

SBS gives you the power to backup your critical data. We can perform both full and incremental offsite backups. Your data is encrypted before it leaves your computer with an encryption key that only you have. The data is encrypted again for its transit over the Internet. Your files are then stored, in encrypted form, on multiple servers in high security facilities

Continuous Back-up Services



On-site  Maintenance

SBS offers on-site support for installation and maintenance of networks, PC's and servers. Same day emergency and scheduled services are available at very competitive rates




SBS Tech Solutions LLC, computer consultants   PC and network repair and installations, network design

We believe we know what you expect from your computer network and support company. We're located on Long Island, NY, and have a long track record of local response, from Montauk to Pennsylvania. For any size company, we offer superior service at a great price. SBS Tech Solutions specializes in optimizing and maintaining your new or existing computer infrastructure. 

SBS Tech Solutions LLC Helping you find tomorrows IT solutions, today

1. Managed IT Solutions

2. Continuous Back-up Services

3. On-site Maintenance and Support

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