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Information and pricing

Current pricing for all of our offered services. Many packages can be customized to suit your specific business needs.


       Call Mike Moran at 631-921-7339 to discuss your options

Scheduled On-site support (8am - 6pm Mon. - Fri.)

SBS Managed services


Remote Support

(8am - 6pm Mon. - Fri.)



 Standard Hourly Rate                     $150.00 


 Additional per hour charge           $125.00


 2+ techs add. hrs (Per tech)           $100.00


 Western Suffolk, Nassau County*  


 5 boroughs, Eastern Suffolk, NJ**    


*   Minimum 1 hour
** Minimum 2 hours

All Parking, tolls, lodging etc. additional



Click HERE  to review a sample contract and current pricing for our Managed services options.


Click on image below to see a sample of our Managed Services Terms

*SBS tech connected to your device using remote access software​                                  per hour                                            $85.00


*SBS tech phone support and or consultation 

  per hour                                            $50.00

* Billed in 30 Minute Increments


SBS Emergency Support


(6pm - 8am Mon - Fri. Weekends and federal Holidays)

1.5 times the scheduled hourly rate or pre-arranged contracted rate.


Emergency support is defined as any request for immediate non-scheduled on-site response within 2 hours of call OR during times listed above and is billed from time of technician leaving current location

Our Partners

SBS Managed offsite Backup


Available for servers, PC's,

MS Exchange and SQL servers.

Server "system state" supported

Price $10.00 per device protected plus storage fee selected tier per\month ***

SBS Offsite Backup 100 Gigabyte block $25

SBS Offsite Backup 500 Gigabyte block $75

SBS Offsite Backup 1 Terabyte block $125

SBS Offsite Backup 3 Terabyte block $275

SBS Offsite Backup 5 Terabyte block $400

*** Discounted for clients with a managed services contract

SBS Tech Solutions LLC A Long Island NY Managed Services and computer maintenance contract provider

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