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Client Testimonials

I’ve used SBS Tech Solutions since January 2009 and couldn’t be happier with my interactions with both Mike and Matt. Sometime in early 2012, I signed up for their Managed Services package which was one of the best decisions I’ve made in a long time. Since signing up, I’ve had minimal need for  unexpected technical support . SBS  remote monitoring catches possible issues before they become business altering. Our overall IT expense was reduced and has become a fixed monthly cost without those big surprises we used to get from our previous IT support company. You have no idea how nice it is to be able to run our business knowing that we aren’t going to get blindsided by unexpected expenses. This year, I relocated my corporate office and SBS Tech Solutions handled the entire re-wiring of my new office – they were a huge help during the entire process. Soon after our move, I had them replace all  of my  office PCs (about 15) as well as two of my servers. The process worked for my budget and we had little to no downtime during the transition. I recommend SBS Tech Solutions to any business who is looking to have that IT support outsourced with a cost effective, reliant, professional team.  
     -Vasken Aznavorian VP  Specialty Professional Services
Thirteen years ago we contracted Mike and Matt to evaluate our networking system that had previously been setup and maintained ineptly by office staff, family, and friends. We were in need of a professional IT partner who could facilitate bringing our growing electrical contracting’s operations to a higher level of efficiency. We knew our business and these guys proved they knew theirs. That consultation resulted in our ongoing 13 year team relationship. Outsourcing our business technology to SBS has reduced operating costs by eliminating server downtime and maximizing and maintaining PC efficiency. Over the years we have had multiple server upgrades, numerous new PC’s and software applications installed, operating system upgrades, and countless PC questions and concerns all of which Mike and Matt have been 100% successful in completing and at affordable rates that have let us concentrate on our growing our business. We now utilize of all the services SBS offers. At this time they currently monitor our Small Business Server and 20 office and remote devices.
    Large unexpected Virus and Malware downtime/repair costs are eliminated and the fixed monthly maintenance cost is budget friendly. Now when a PC gets infected, SBS contacts us and repairs promptly via their on-line support. No more dealing with sluggish PC’s only to find out weeks later that its infected. We love the daily reports and peace of mind that everything is monitored, protected, updated and secure. The Offsite backup has proven to be a wise decision countless times when company folders and files “mysteriously disappear” (someone deleted by accident). We just call SBS and the folder/file magically appears again. It is such a great service and its valuable to know that if there ever is a fire or disaster that takes out our server, we can be up and running on a new one without losing a single file created in our 25 years in business and can continue to service our clients with little interruption. That’s a great security in any line of business. SBS outstanding service and response time is the most valuable service they offer. Their extensive knowledge in their field of work and personal approach to service is why we at Double R have always highly recommended them to many of our fellow contractors and associates. They are always a phone call away when we need them and most importantly trust their work and expertise.
        -Tricia Giordano  Controller  Double R Contracting
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